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As summer approaches, plans for family vacations have no doubt begun to form in your mind. If your family is pretty large or has members that require accommodation, planning your vacation can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to help you plan a great family vacation this summer: READ MORE >>

Most couples know that they need life insurance for full-time office employees in the household. It protects the family if they lose the primary source of income. Typically, couples do not believe that losing a stay at home spouse would cause financial hardship for their family, so they do not purchase a policy. READ MORE >>

There’s nothing like the thrill of cruising through the city on your motorcycle. The feeling of the open air and the rumble of the cycle beneath you giveyou an exhilaration that is truly unmatched. However, as we motorcycle enthusiasts all know, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. READ MORE >>

As a small business, every employee carries a significant amount of responsibility for the business’ success. This means that the process of training and onboarding employees is especially important. Below are some tips for effectively managing training for your employees.  READ MORE >>

Everyone knows that driving comes with risks. But are you aware that driving at night is more dangerous? Lowered visibility combined with drowsy driving leads to a greatly increased risk of danger. Below are some tips to help you navigate the added risks that come with driving after dark. READ MORE >>

Having the proper protection for your company is an important part of your business plan. It is a vital safety net to protect you, your family, and the assets you've worked so hard to earn.With the right type of coverage, you can also save your company thousands of dollars. Support for repairing your facilities. READ MORE >>

While there are certainly established areas of the country prone to tornadoes, tornadoes can and will strike anywhere. Knowledge of tornado safety is crucial for everyone.  Watches and Warnings A tornado watch simply means that conditions are ripe for a tornado to form.  READ MORE >>

We all purchase car insurance with a quiet prayer on our lips as we pay for our premiums-Please don’t ever let me really need the asset this policy carries. Sadly, a small portion of people do have to use their auto insurance policy and make auto insurance claims.   READ MORE >>

An annuity is a simple and relatively safe way to create a retirement savings fund.  Annuities come in a wide variety of types, and fixed annuities are among the most popular for their simplicity.  A fixed annuity requires a one-time premium payment, which is a large lump sum and is locked in at an interest rate determined at the time of payment. READ MORE >>

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business that protects its owners, members and itself from certain legal liabilities. Think of it as a merger between a partnership and a corporation; it possesses a pass-through tax status like a partnership, yet offers limited-liability protection like ... READ MORE >>

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